Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer Trip, Crater Lake NP

Yup, it’s the National Park Service 100th something Birthday. Mainly, I think it is a way to get more people visiting the parks. And really, we should be visiting our national beauties, but boy does it make it hard to find some solitude in these beautiful places! Nevertheless, we still had a fantastic trip.
Our first stop was Crater Lake National Park. We have talked about going here for several years… and this was the year. That gives me home for Alaska, and the many other places we talk about going. Someday we will get there. But this year… Crater Lake. Deepest fresh water lake in the US, formed from a Volcano whose top sunk. And it is truly picturesque. The water is crystal clear, and oh so blue! Truly Stunning.
It was a good day’s drive from us, so we made a mid drive stop at a place our neighbors recommended called Lava Tube Cave. There are several lava tubes running all over southern oregon and this one is a mile long and crosses under the highway. Must bring flashlights and a jacket as it is pitch black dark, and cold. It’s not an exciting hike in the way of gorgeous scenery, or wild animals, but it is a very cool hike to explore a lava tube and it’s formation, as it changes from wide to tall and narrow, where 2 tubes were stacked on top of each other. We had fun.
We camped near Crater Lake at the Farewell Bend campground on the Rogue River. This campground runs along a gorge on the river and it is quite beautiful to see. The campground also had a fun playground area in the trees for the kids.

The next day we spent entirely at Crater Lake National Park. We picked up Junior Ranger packets for the kids to do of course, and did the rim drive around the lake. We stopped at several short hikes to scenic overlooks and a couple of waterfalls. It was a great day with beautiful scenery.

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